The current state of digital marketing E49 (Germaine Muller – Part 1)

To celebrate us reaching our 50th episode (next week), we thought it would be interesting to shake up the formula and interview our host Germaine Muller. When he isn’t recording podcasts, Germaine typically spends his days running Futuretheory, a marketing agency based in Canberra, Australia, and looking after his mischievous dog Kalu. In part 1 of our conversation, Germaine shares his insight into the current state of digital marketing and how the COVID-19 epidemic will affect the industry. This topic eventually leads to a discussion regarding the common mistakes he sees businesses make in their online marketing strategies and some general advice on how to avoid them. The show then culminates in Germaine talking about the logistics of starting your own business and what it takes to go out on your own. 

What we talk about

  • Current trends in digital marketing 
  • Common mistakes businesses make in their marketing strategies 
  • The logistics of starting your own business


Link to the video for this episode


Where to find Germaine (Future Tribe Website) (Future Tribe on Instagram) (Germaine on LinkedIn) (Germaine on Instagram) (Futuretheory Website)