Software start-ups and the ever changing nature of SEO E37 (Tomas Ratia – Part 1)

This week on the Future Tribe podcast we sit down with the founder of Frase (the world’s first Answer Engine Optimization platform) Tomas Ratia. During our discussion, he talks a little bit about his new endeavour and how it is helping companies adapt to modern changes to SEO, as well as what he has learnt from starting up various software companies. 

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0m 00s – Intro

1m 52s – Tomas explains what is

6m 10s – Tomas goes on to explain the history of (from a content writing tool to something more SEO based)

9m 40s – Germaine and Tomas discuss how SEO is changing to be more answer based and how this will change how firms create their websites

16m 05s – Tomas goes into the unorthodox journey he took before starting his company and what got him in to coding

18m 50s – Germaine asks Tomas to talk about the thought process behind shutting down his first start-up and how he knew it was unsustainable

21m 50s – Tomas reveals the process of how he established his company, brought on staff and raised venture capital from investors

25m 50s – Tomas talks about how it can be to maintain growth, particularly as your company enters into the later stages of its life-cycle