Scalability vs profitability and establishing culture at your company E38 (Tomas Ratia – Part 2)

This week on the Future Tribe podcast we sit down again with the founder of Frase (the world’s first Answer Engine Optimization platform) Tomas Ratia. Our discussion this week centred around the importance of ensuring your product features align with market needs, how difficult it can be for startups to establish culture and why it is usually more important to establish scalability as opposed to profitability for your company.  

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0m00s – Intro

2m 42s – Tomas discusses why using a live chat feature for a website is too costly for most companies

5m 40s – Tomas outlines the importance of market research in ensuring that the features you include/add to your product are relevant to your ideal customers

10m 00s – Tomas and Germaine talk about how difficult it can be establishing culture and good communication habits in an organisation where people work remotely 

14m 10s – Tomas discusses why it is typically more important for a startup to establish scalability in its business model as opposed to immediate profitability 

21m 34s – Top 12