What is FutureTribe?

The Mission

FutureTribe, as it stands, is a website. But FutureTribe’s mission overall has two goals:

1. To become a repository of valuable information

There is a lot of free, professional, expert advice out there but there isn’t one place to find it all. We want to slowly build a repository of this advice, and develop some of our own free (or cheap) bits of information and advice along the way.

2. To be a tribe of hard workers optimistic about the future

FutureTribe wants to be a build a home for people who are optimistic, have a plan on where they are headed and believe that hard work is the way to get there.

The Team

There isn’t a team behind FutureTribe, just a guy, a dream, and his other business (read more about FutureTheory on their site: https://futuretheory.com.au).

If you’d like to get in touch with me, help out, or send content to add to the site, email me at germaine¬†@ futuretheory.com.au (no spaces).