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10 new open-source Bootstrap themes

A nice collection of Bootstrap themes to help you on your site building journey. Thanks to Alexander Rechsteiner. You can see them all at:

A whole bunch of startup tools

A curated directory of resources & tools to help you build your Startup. Helpfully it’s all sorted by category so you don’t have to blindly search! Check it out at

Find great deals on software and services

I’ve found some really good deals on AppSumo. They offer up deals on software and services that span start-ups you’ve never heard of, all the way to established businesses. Best of all, their returns and support are always on point so I don’t hesitate buying software I’m unsure about because I know that if it … Keep reading

A great collection of free icons

Icons are an important part of design. You can communicate a lot using icons, often getting away with using fewer words to communicate the same message. The Noun Project has icons for everything, best of all they’re free –

Free SEO Conference coming up

This free SEO conference is bringing 50 SEO experts from around the world to give you a behind-the-scenes look at how the best are increasing organic traffic today. It will give you insights on planning, streamlining, and improving your SEO to get more high-quality leads, better execute on your campaigns, empower your team, and improve … Keep reading

An extensive guide to building backlinks

OutreachMama is all about building website authority and building links. If you’re across SEO, you’ll know exactly how important these things are. They’ve put together a comprehensive link-building guide, check it out at

Website landing page inspiration

Landing pages are really, really important. Before I design anything, including a landing page, I like to look at what’s out there. It helps me understand what approach to landing page design designers are taking and maybe even ideas on what is working and what is not. A constantly updated list of landing pages with … Keep reading